Manually Fed Brushwood Chipper

Brushwood Chipper

Course Code:  Manually Fed Brushwood Chipper
Course Description: A course designed to enable learners to maintain, prepare and operate a manually fed brushwood chipper.
Suitable For:  Anyone wishing to operate a manually fed brushwood chipper to dispose of brash, short round wood and long round wood up to a diameter of the capacity of the machine being used.
Pre-Requisites:  None required
Duration/Format:  1 Day
Times:  9.00am until 5.00pm
Learning Outcomes: Be able to carry out a Hazard and Risk assessment relevent to the site, task and machine including emergency procedures and PPE.Be familiar with the machine beine used including identification of decals, safety features and maintenance tasks.Be aware of various cutting mechanisms available and the procedure of changing cutting mechanism on machine being used.

Positioning machine to work position.

Operate machine to process material.

Environmental considerations.

Equipment Needs:  Waterproof coat, Steel toecap workboots as minimum. Safety helmet with ear and eye protection. Helmet can be provided if not available.
Costs & Breakdown:  Training £90.00 + VAT. Assessment £130.00 zero VAT.