CS 32 Felling and Process Trees Over 380mm (15″)

Felling and Process Trees Over 380mm (15″)

Course Code:  CS 32
Course Description: A 3 day course covering the felling and processing of hardwood or softwood trees greater than 15” inches in diameter.
Suitable For: This unit is suited for people who intend to fell trees in excess of 380mm (15″) Candidates may be assessed in Part 2a – Remove branches by snedding Or Part 2b – Remove branches by De-limbing or both.
Pre-Requisites: Candidates must hold CS30 and CS31.
Duration/Format: 3 days felling on site, assessment on a 4th day.
Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm daily
Learning Outcomes: Identify the Risk Assessment and Emergency procedures on a work site
Select equipment required for safe and effective felling
Fell medium sized trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method Sned and / or de-limb medium sized trees
Crosscut stems over guide bar length in diameter to a given specification
Select winching equipment suitable for takedown of a medium sized tree
Take down a hung-up medium sized tree with a winch
Equipment Needs: Candidates will need full chainsaw PPE and a chainsaw with a 15” guide bar, all other equipment will be provided. Candidates will need to bring one passport sized photograph, a waterproof coat and over-trousers (course will continue even in rain).
Costs & Breakdown: Training £270 + VAT Assessment £155. (Includes NPTC registration)
Notes: During the three days on the felling site you will need to bring your own lunch. Hot drinks will be provided for the duration of the course free of charge.