CS 30 / CS 31 Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Felling

Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Felling

Course Code:  CS 30 / CS 31
Course Description: A five day course covering the maintenance of chainsaws and the felling and processing of hardwood or softwood trees up to 15 inches in diameter.
Suitable For: This course is for novice operators with little or no experience of chainsaw use, who are required to operate chainsaws for both cross cutting and felling trees with a diameter at felling height of between 8″ and 15″. This course prepares the candidates to take an assessment for NPTC Units CS30 & CS31.
Pre-Requisites:  N/A
Duration/Format: Duration/Format: 2 days maintenance in workshop, 3 days felling on site, assessed on a 6th day
Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm daily
Learning Outcomes: Introduction Maintenance of the chainsaw
Protective clothing and safety features of the chainsaw
Chain sharpening Fuelling, oiling and starting a chainsaw and Pre start checks
Felling of small trees using various felling techniques
Snedding or de-limbing of felled trees
Cross cutting
Take down of hung up trees using hand tools
Equipment Needs: Candidates will need to bring one passport sized photograph, a waterproof coat and over-trousers (course will continue even in rain). If the candidate has chainsaw protective clothing then these should be brought with them along with a chainsaw with a maximum guide bar of 15 inches. If not, this and all other equipment will be provided
Costs & Breakdown: Training £500 + VAT Assessment £220. no vat (Includes NPTC registration)
Notes: During the five days on  site you will need to bring your own lunch. Hot drinks will be provided for the duration of the course free of charge.CS 30 and CS 31 can be taken as separate courses if required. CS30 is a 2 day course with a training cost of £180 and assessment cost of £145. CS31 is a 3 day course with a training cost of £270and assessment cost of £155.