M.E.W.P. (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)

M.E.W.P. (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)

Course Code: M.E.W.P.
Course Description: A course to enable the learner to Inspect, prepare, operate and maintain a Mobile Elevated Work Platform.
Suitable For: Anyone wishing to operate a MEWP for gaining access to a work position without the use of a rope and harness. 
Pre-Requisites: None required
Duration/Format: 1 Day
Times: 9.00am until 5.00pm
Learning Outcomes: Carry out a Hazard and Risk assessment specific to the site, task and machine.

Identify all decals, safety features, instruments and controls of the machine being used and have a knowledge of maintenance.

Set the machine up ready for work.

Operate the machine safely and undertake a task whilst elevated.

Pack the machine away and prepare it for transport.

Equipment Needs: Waterproof coat (Training will go ahead even in rain). Safety workboots and a safety helmet with chinstrap.
Costs & Breakdown:  Training £90.00 + VAT. Assessment £130.00 zero VAT.